Valentine's Day Sale 2023 ❤️ All Hand-Knotted Rugs

⭐ Unique Gift for Your Beloved

Did you know that Valentine's Day is the most popular time to buy a hand-knotted rug next to Black Friday? Now, this may be due to the colder weather but we like to think it has something to with what we like to call the 'Labor of Love'.

You see, Persian and Oriental rugs are often made over months and months and there is often an attachment between the weaver and their artistic creation. Each hand-knotted piece is a unique creation with no two pieces being exactly alike. Although various regions produce a particular style of rug each artisan tries to contribute their unique character to each work of art that they knot.
Each rug becomes a part of the Artisan as they knot it over several months, sometimes more than a year. Our higher-end rugs with more intricate designs usually fall in this category. Many of our intricate patterned rugs were originally knotted for the family much like someone knits a sweater for another family member. There is a level of pride and love that goes into the creation of each rug that simply isn't there with any other product.