Kilim Rugs

Simply Beautiful and Natural

Kilims are flat-woven rugs without any pile. This is achieved by weaving the threads in a crosswise method. The weft, also known as the width of the rug, goes under and over the warp, also known as length of the rug. The weft is mostly made of cotton or wool. The Warp is mostly made of wool. You might also find two or more segments of a kilim weaved together, and you won’t be able to tell since the design conceals the stitching of the different segments.

These rugs were mostly made in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and other oriental countries in Asia, Central Europe and north of Africa. Given the different areas, kilims can come from they have different spelling variation, the most popular is kilim.

The design typically consists of a border pattern that runs along the sides of the kilim. Sometimes, one side of the kilim has fringes the other can have a woven edge. Colored threads are woven in the kilim like a basket. So you can flip a Kilim on both sides and you can’t really tell which side is top or bottom. Vegetable dye was used as a source of colors. An interesting fact, about these hand-woven rugs, is that they are mostly made by women.

Inspired by nature, kilims are scattered with motifs, symbols, totems & patterns. Some are easily distinguished as a representation of the weaver's natural environment and some are traditional legacies inherited through ancestors.


Persian Kilim Rugs

Persian kilim rugs are unique, tapestry-woven rugs or carpets that are produced by interweaving warps and weft strands tightly. This process produces a flat surface that does not have a pile. Kilim rugs from Persian or Iran have been produced since the ancient times. And the art of producing them has been passed down the generations for years.

At Rugman, we are proud to bring you the best collection of quality Persian kilims. When you purchase any of our Persian kilim rugs, you invest in something unique and durable. Each of our Persian kilim carpets is hand-knotted by highly experienced and skilled craftspeople. That means no two Persian kilim carpets are the same. And, they are made of high quality natural materials such as wool. That means they last longer without losing their aesthetic appeal. Additionally, kilim rugs from Persia are highly resistant to dirt. Basically, with our vast collection, you are bound to discover the beauty of hand knotted and hand dyed kilim rugs. What’s more, we sell our Persian kilims at very affordable prices.


Indian kilim Rugs

Indian kilim rugs are the best alternative to most silk carpets that you can find in the current market. Rugman brings you a collection of quality Indian kilim rugs that are rich in patterns and deeply dyed. We sell carefully selected Indian kilims from the most experienced artisans and weavers in India. The rich hues of our Indian kilim rugs are created through careful dying of the materials that are used to produce these carpets. Every kilim rug from India that you buy from Rugman depicts an eclectic beauty that you won’t get with most carpets in the current market. Additionally, we bring you the most unique Indian kilim rugs online.

Our Indian kilim rugs are some of the most beautiful floor coverings. The weaving techniques that are used to produce our kilim rugs from India give them a handmade, gorgeous, organic, and earthly feel. These rugs come with a flat surface and they are woven in a way that gives them sharp and predominantly geometric edges. If you want to become a rug collector, our Indian kilim rugs are a perfect entry point. They are durable, affordable, and suitable for most modern and traditional interiors.

Each of our kilim rugs from India is entirely handmade. That’s because we source our kilim rugs from a group of experienced Indian weavers that are dedicated to maintaining the traditional artisan techniques and practices. These weavers have preserved their weaving techniques for many years and they are passed down the generations.

Our Indian kilim rugs are woven using traditional rooms and hand spun quality sheep wool. This wool is colored using natural dyes only. Additionally, only wool from high quality sheep that is shorn, carded, and eventually spun by hand is used to make these carpets. Once the yarns have been dyed, they are worked on for several weeks. And, after they leave the loom, they are washed and finally dried in the sun. This process makes each of our Indian kilim rugs one-of-a-kind pieces that beautifully reflect a special technique or hand of a specific weaver.

Rugman believes in the essence of ethically made products. We respect the skills of weavers and artisans that produce quality Indian kilim rugs. That’s why we bring you original and unique kilim rugs only. We have high quality reversible kilim rugs for sale. Our kilim rugs from India come in different sizes. That means you can buy small Indian kilim rugs, medium Indian kilim rugs, large Indian kilim rugs, runner kilim rugs, over size Indian kilim rugs, or odd size Indian kilim rugs from Rugman.


Afghan kilim rugs

At Rugman, we bring you a collection of unique Afghan kilim carpets that are made to provide a twist of traditional kilim style with contemporary patterns and colors. The awesome authentic feel of these rugs makes them work very well with modern fabrics and furnishings. Additionally, these rugs can be used on both sides since they are fully reversible.

Our Afghan kilims use bold geometric designs that follow the Caucasian patterns. This gives them beautiful, cheerful, and fun styles that uplift the looks of living spaces in a fantastic way. Whether you are looking for modern Afghan kilims, pictorial Afghan kilims, traditional Afghan kilims, transitional Afghan kilim rugs or tribal Afghan kilim rugs, we have the best pieces for you. Our Afghan kilim carpets can be placed in different areas. They can be draped, laid on the floor, or hung on the wall.