Chobi Hand Knotted Area Rugs

Why are Chobi Rugs so Popular in North America?

Developed in Pakistan, Chobi rugs were created in response to the North American fashion sense with a healthy dose of tradition (i.e. Persian motifs) mixed in. The colors and designs in Chobi rugs are softer and more muted than traditional rugs; they are a great option for spaces that have traditional or modern style because these rugs can bridge the gap. Another key reason for the popularity of Chobi rugs is their affordability.

Chobi Carpet, Peace making between Modernity and Tradition

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Chobi area rugs are a suitable selection for a transitional rug. If you like transitional rugs, then the detailed and soft motifs of Chobi rugs are perfect for you. Chobi rugs use Persian traditional designs. But are less expensive than Persian rugs. Chobi rugs are hand knotted in Pakistan and use designs borrowed from Persia. However, Chobi rugs use less bold and vibrant colors. These rugs have their own creative changes using different colors and motifs.

Chobi rugs are among the most desired and most popular rugs in the western world, particularly in North America. One may have heard of terms like Afghan Chobi rugs and Ziegler Chobi rugs, which are some of the more popular selections.

Capture the art of handmade elegance with the Chobi Collection by Couristan. Crafted with vegetable dyes and 100% hand-spun Highlands wool, the Chobi Collection offers a series of antique traditional designs highlighted in soft and vibrant overtones. Hand-knotted using a distinct Turkoman Knot, Chobi is woven on horizontal looms by master weavers of the trade. The collection’s lustrous pile offers long-lasting durability and an elegant sheen. The added benefit of a high luster wash and Couristan’s exclusive blend of colors provides a silk-like appearance throughout each design.

What Does “Chobi” Mean?

The word Chobi with its various spelling and transliteration (choobi, choubi, chubi) is an attribution from the Persian word “chūb”, literally means wood. As the name suggest they incorporate subtle colors that exist in natural wood ranging from off-white to beige and gray tones, often described as earth tone. The transition between the colors in these rugs is very smooth and often not noticeable. In the rug industry, they fall into the category of transitional rugs having an element of both traditional and modern rugs and therefore can add a nice at-home feel to both environments. Elite Class’ Choice of Rugs.

Chobi Rugs: Blend Traditional Charm with Modern Seduction 

The modern fashion industry has elevated the status of Chobi rugs that is even demanded by the elite who only look at high-end intricate Persian rugs. They include fewer colors and less detailed designs. Chobi rugs have evolved from Peshawar rugs and were born in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan, mostly woven by Afghani immigrants for Pakistani merchants. They also may have been woven in India but they are distinguished by the experts from the Pakistani and Afghani Chobi rugs. The antique look of these rugs makes it possible to easily blend to most homes that have natural wood and stones.

Fineness and Quality of Chobi Rugs

In terms of fineness, Chobies are considered medium rugs in the category of the hand-knotted rugs for a moderate budget. They are very practical for everyday use and are increasingly becoming popular in the western world. However, like any other rug, there is always much finer weave for an individual rug that is produced at homes for a private use or custom made orders. With rare exception that we have explained in detail in our online journal, Chobi rugs, have a cotton base and wool pile, Persian or Turkish knots and may have vegetable, natural or chemical dye depending and where and under what condition they have been woven. Silver Wash Chobi Among the Chobi rugs that are increasingly becoming popular in North America as well as Europe, is a type that is known to silver wash Chobi rugs.

Silver Wash Chobi rugs go through a multiple-stage procedure of washing after the weave and finish is complete. In washing these rugs certain detergents and shampoos are used that make them more pail and shiny which washes away the gold tone of the natural wool as well as giving the dye more pale and antique look which very popular with the North American and European users. Another type of the Chobi rugs are known to Patchwork Chobi rugs, which is literally created from patching pieces cut from different rugs and stitched or sewed together. The patchwork collection has become so popular for the modern taste and has been regarded as a unique design category of its own rather than as a “patched up” creation.

Great Fit for All Lifestyles Chobi rugs is very practical and suitable for everyday use. It goes well with the fine architecture making it possible to be used both in a modern and traditional setup. Because it has a lower pile and thinner than most traditional rugs, it does not cause much problem where the doors are low and very close the ground particularly where you have strong reasons not to alter your doors. It also does not show a regular daily use stain. Because it has short fringes it is also vacuum clean friendly.

Chobi Silver Wash Rugs

The term "Silver Wash Area Rugs" often grabs people's attention. Indeed, they are not weaved with silver. Silver Wash Chobi Rugs have become increasingly popular among North Americans and Europeans, given their beautiful Chobi woody color theme through a distinctive washing technique.