Hand knotted Area Rugs

As the name suggests, hand knotted rugs are made knot by knot by hand. They differ from loom rugs and machine-made rug as hand knotted rugs are of a superior quality than loomed, machine made and hand tufted rugs. Thus, they have a longer lifespan. 

Hand knotted carpets are made in countries with a rich history of rug weaving. Persian carpets are popular for their pioneer work in rug weaving. The art of weaving hand knotted rugs was introduced from Persia to Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, India and Turkey. Currently, hand knotted rugs are weaved in these countries. Today, countries such as Nepal, Egypt, Morocco, and Tibet also create hand knotted carpets.  

Hand Knotted Rugs

Hand knotted rugs are high quality rugs made knot by knot by hand; they are significantly different from loom rugs and machine-made rugs. Hand knotted rugs are undisputedly of a superior quality than loomed, machine made and hand tufted rugs.

Hand knotted area rugs are typically made in countries that are world renown in rug weaving with a long history. Iran, also known as Persia in old times, is an undisputed pioneer in the hand knotted rug weaving practice.

The art of making hand knotted rugs was then later brought to Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, India and Turkey. Currently hand knotted rugs are weaved in these countries, and lately in countries such as Nepal, Egypt, Morocco, and Tibet. Among European countries, Belgium too is known for its rug weaving industry. Today, however, Belgium is mostly producing machine made rugs.

The Difference between Hand Knotted and Non-Hand Knotted Rugs

One of the important questions frequently asked is that “what the difference between hand knotted and machine made, loomed or hand tufted rugs?”

 In short, hand knotted rugs are general the most valuable rugs compared to other types of make with all things the same. They are more labor intensive – they require more time and demand a mastery skill of the weavers. These artists are directly overseen by a master weaver. There is also no particular sophisticated machinery used in designing and weaving a hand knotted rug. Almost every stage, from the design, spin of the material, dying the material, and weaving are all made with basic traditional tools by hand, which makes the fine culture of quality to last for generations and centuries.

The hand knotted rugs also carry with them some signs of imperfection – an inseparable “charm” of handmade pieces of art. Although a master weaver would try his best to make sure all the quality control measures are followed step by step and almost knot by knot, an expert could almost always find a few signs of imperfection in a hand knotted rug which are otherwise unnoticed by an average buyer.

All these takes an enormous amount of time, energy and resources which makes a hand knotted unique and one of a kind in its own way in spite of  designs being repeated. For example a pair of rugs that are made on a single design and even by the same weaver could end up being different in sizes by few millimeters which are perfectly fine for a hand knotted rug.

Other types of rugs, on the other hand, are either fully made by automated or semi-automated machinery or partially made by machines which makes the job must faster and cheaper. For instance in the case of hand tufted rugs, although some hand works is also involved, but there are still machines that are operated manually in manufacturing these rugs, these rugs are not made as fast as machine made rug, but still they are finished much faster than the hand knotted rugs.

The final product in hand knotted rug category is always of a higher quality and would last a lot longer than any other type of rugs.

The Quality of Knot and Weave in Hand Knotted rugs

Hand knotted rugs come in a variety of quality with regard to density of knots and workmanship in the weave. The smaller and tighter the knots are, the higher the quality. The size and tightness of the knots themselves are related to two important factors, namely the fineness of the yarn and quality of the work to make the knots as close as possible to each other. The density of the knots in certain rugs are also more important that some other rugs. Rugs with smaller knots take more time than the ones with larger knots and thus are reflected in the final price. There is no magic formula to tell which region makes the finest rugs.

Hand Knotted Persian Rugs – Something for Everyone

Persian rugs are known for the quality and fineness of the weave, workmanship and sophisticated artistic designs, yet one can find some of the most affordable choices among the Persian rugs.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkey and China are among the countries where some of the finest rugs are made. Rugs from these countries are popular among locals, as well as United States, Canada and European countries. Persian hand knotted area rugs now decorate some of the richest homes in New York City and Toronto, as well as other cities in Canada and United States.

Hand Knotted Rugs Have a Better Resale Value than Other Types of Rugs

In general most hand knotted rugs, particularly in the higher end, have a very good resale value compared to machine made options. With that said, purchasing a fine hand knotted rug can be seen as an investment and may surprise the owners and collectors by the appreciation in value in a long term.  A fine hand knotted rug can easily last 100 years if well maintained.

Fine decorative hand knotted rugs which are hung on a wall can last several hundred years in an appropriate environment and thus would be sold multiple times the purchase value. A collector may enjoy his quality hand knotted rug for several years, passed along the younger generations, and still fetch a grand value in the resale market.


Most hand knotted rugs are made of natural materials. Every hand knotted rugs is made of two important parts: the base and pile. The base of most rugs is made of cotton and the pile is made of wool, silk or a mixture of the two. However, recently some artificial silk or viscose also is being used in hand knotted rugs from India. On the exceptional side, some rugs, particularly tribal Afghan and Turkman rugs use wool both for the base and pile.

It is worth mentioning that cotton-based rugs generally last longer and are more durable while the natural feel of the wool on the pile makes it softer and more pleasant. In the high end Persian Tabriz cork rugs as well as pure silk rugs sometimes both the base and pile are silk. In these hand knotted rugs normally the weave and knots are very fine and KPSI or density of the knots is much higher which also affects the value of the rug.

Style and Design

Hand knotted rugs come in variety styles, with many people referring to them as traditional, transitional, and modern. They also are weaved with different designs ranging from simple accents, tribal patterns on a flat background to a much more sophisticated traditional geometric and floral pattern. They sometimes incorporate modern artistic designs inspired by modern arts and architecture.

Persian rugs in particular have the widest variety in terms of designs and styles. Among the most desired designs are the famous Kashan, Kerman, Isfahan, and Tabriz designs in the category of Persian rugs, each of which has its own various names.

Shapes of the Hand knotted Rugs

Unlike machine-made rugs, the fact that hand knotted rugs are made by hand gives the weavers full control of the final product design. However, the more sophisticated the shape is, the more resource and level of mastery are required. Therefore, unusual shapes are created only in fine and high quality rugs.

Some popular shapes readily available in the market in hand knotted rugs are rectangular, square, round, oval, octagon, hexagon, and runners. In a custom made order, however, it is possible to make the rugs a perfect fit for all corners and space. 

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