Carpet Pile Materials

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What is the pile of the rug? What is it made of?

Pile refers to the material (fiber) used for weaving rugs. Only natural fibers are used in handmade rugs. The main pile materials are wool, silk and occasionally cotton. Sometimes, goat and camel hair are also used. In general, the same material is used for both by nomadic and village weavers.

How thick is the pile of a rug?

Thickness of pile varies from rug to rug. It usually up to the weavers?discretion to trim the pile as he desires. However, as rule of thumb, city rugs are trimmed lower (almost one to one and half Centimeter) and the tribal rugs are trimmed longer (up to two and half centimeter). City rugs usually are very creative in the nature of design and are full of curvatures and complex images. In order to show the design sharply the weaver must trim the pile low (if long they wool treads will mingle and will show a very messy pattern). However, the tribal rugs have very simple geometric design which can be trimmed longer. These nomadic people use the rug a tool of protection and they must be thick to prevent the cold to penetrate through the rug.