Kashan Hand Knotted Area Rugs

Elegance and Wealth

Kashan hand knotted area rugs are made in and around the city of Kahsan the central city of the province of Isfahan. Kashan is located in the central Iran in south of the salt lake of Qum and about 250 km from the capital. What makes Kashan stand out in historical references from the travelogues has greatly emphasized on Kashan’s artifacts particularly in weaving fine fabrics known as hurmuzi fabrics  such as velvet, silk fabrics and fabrics with gold and silver weave and fine rugs.

The famous Kashan Persian rug is a handmade treasure who's name alone speaks for itself. Created by genius artists with the remarkable talent of rug weaving, Kashans are among the most beautiful Persian carpets ever. They have a very rich and celebrated history. The patterns in Kashans are very distinguishable from other rugs and they look very similar to each other. The makers of Kashans take great pride in their work and will never weave the pattern of another city. Often their pattern is imitated but a rug expert will always point out a genuine Kashan. An Authentic Kashan rug is an absolutely flawless work of art that will forever remain priceless and only become lovelier with age.

History of Kashan Rugs 

Kashan  is an ancient Persian city that is renowned worldwide for its amazing carpets. There is a strong and cherished history that all Kashans have. Kings and royal monarchies from around the world would personally come to Iran over the centuries to purchase rugs from Kashan. The rugs from this fabled city are so respected in Iran that the Kashan name alone sells them. People know they are getting the best when they buy a fine Kashan. Although today the finest rugs of Iran don"t usually come out of Kashan, many centuries ago it produced perhaps some of the finest carpets in the world. Some older Kashans from the 16th or 17th century are in museums priced at several hundred thousand, to millions of dollars. Kashan had a well-established silk rug industry as early as the 17th century and their patterns haven"t changed much since. By the end of the Second World War, it was estimated that the city of Kashan could operate 12000 professional looms simultaneously. A true champion in the game, Kashan managed to stay on top of the game for many centuries, producing countless numbers of gorgeous rugs that made mansions beautiful around the world.

Costruction of Kashan Rugs

Rugs woven in this region have amazing quality renowned and recognized all over the world. The rugs woven in major cities of central Iran cannot even be compared to the village rugs. Often, a professional weaver in one of these cities will work non-stop on a rug for many years. The famous asymmetrical Persian knot is only used in the weaving of these fine rugs. The materials can be all wool, all silk or a precise ratio of the two. The foundation (warp and weft) of the rugs is cotton except in very fine pieces where it is pure silk. Countless handmade Persian rugs made in such cities as Kashan, Yazd, or Kerman, have been known to last several hundred years. That just goes to show that it is not an exaggeration when stated that these rugs are the highest quality carpeting in the world. The rugs produced in the major cities of this region are far superior in quality and symmetry to the ones produced in the outskirts. However, the tribal rugs of this region are some of the best tribal rugs of Iran. No words can describe the beauty that these rugs bring to one"s home.

Kashan area rugs are not only one the most famous rugs outside Persia, but also one of the most admired and loved categories of rugs within the country itself. Kashan rugs are very vibrant in colors and elegant in designs. Coming in many variety of designs, sizes and weaves, Kashan rugs can enhance the look of your formal living spaces from entrance to hallways and living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and you staircases.