Wool Persian & Oriental Area Rugs

Extremely Durable and Resilient

Wool rugs possess wonderful qualities and are the preferred choice for floor coverings. Extremely durable and resilient, and requiring very little care and maintenance, wool rugs are also breathtakingly beautiful. The richness of their colors instantly warms up a room. Wool rugs stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life because wool gives rather than resists friction. This characteristic allows wool rugs to continue to look beautiful year after year. 

The range of colors and the level of vibrancy of wool rugs cannot be duplicated on any other fiber. Proteins in the core of the fiber are reactive, meaning that they can absorb and combine with a wide variety of dyes. Therefore the dye actually becomes part of the fiber. Wool rugs resist dirt and are very easy to clean. Wool does not attract lint and dust from the air and is able to absorb moisture, preventing a build up of static electricity. Interestingly, although wool rugs can absorb moisture, they repel liquids. The scales on the outside of the fiber cause liquid to roll off the surface of the wool fabric. It will take quite some time before a water spill will actually penetrate your wool rugs. Have you ever wondered why wool rugs are used in so many commercial establishments? Aside from their durability, wool rugs considerably reduce noise levels. In concert halls wool rugs can actually improve acoustics. I’m sure that safety is important to you. Wool rugs are naturally fire resistant and do not have to be treated in order to be non-flammable. Although they can catch fire, they will not flare up or support a flame.

Wool rugs are beautiful, durable, easy to care for, resist dirt, repel water, reduce noise, resist static, and are naturally fire resistant. It’s easy to see why wool rugs are the premier choice for floor coverings around the world.