Extra Large Palace Size Area Rugs

Width: 255 cm to 370 cm | Length: 360 cm to 540 cm

Your home is your palace. Being the king or queen of your home that has an abundant amount of space, why not transform your space into a luxurious kingdom with a palace size area rug. A majestic rug with ornate design and great size is a treasure that will enhance any living space like a large master bedroom with a touch of elegance and warmth. For the sport minded family having an interesting, soft continental rug will definitely increase the comfort level, allowing for the focus to be geared toward the activity at hand. Try our Continental and Persian collection in palace sizes of 9x12 ft, 9x13 ft, 10x12 ft, 10x13 ft, 10x14 ft, 11x16 ft, 12x14 ft, and 12x15 ft Rugs