Indian Kilim Area Rugs

Indian kilim rugs are the best alternative to most silk carpets that you can find in the current market. Rugman brings you a collection of quality Indian kilim rugs that are rich in patterns and deeply dyed. We sell carefully selected Indian kilims from the most experienced artisans and weavers in India. The rich hues of our Indian kilim rugs are created through careful dying of the materials that are used to produce these carpets. Every kilim rug from India that you buy from Rugman depicts an eclectic beauty that you won’t get with most carpets in the current market. Additionally, we bring you the most unique Indian kilim rugs online.

Carefully woven Indian kilim rugs

Our Indian kilim rugs are some of the most beautiful floor coverings. The weaving techniques that are used to produce our kilim rugs from India give them a handmade, gorgeous, organic, and earthly feel. These rugs come with a flat surface and they are woven in a way that gives them sharp and predominantly geometric edges. If you want to become a rug collector, our Indian kilim rugs are a perfect entry point. They are durable, affordable, and suitable for most modern and traditional interiors.

Each of our kilim rugs from India is entirely handmade. That’s because we source our kilim rugs from a group of experienced Indian weavers that are dedicated to maintaining the traditional artisan techniques and practices. These weavers have preserved their weaving techniques for many years and they are passed down the generations.

Our Indian kilim rugs are woven using traditional rooms and hand spun quality sheep wool. This wool is colored using natural dyes only. Additionally, only wool from high quality sheep that is shorn, carded, and eventually spun by hand is used to make these carpets. Once the yarns have been dyed, they are worked on for several weeks. And, after they leave the loom, they are washed and finally dried in the sun. This process makes each of our Indian kilim rugs one-of-a-kind pieces that beautifully reflect a special technique or hand of a specific weaver.

Rugman believes in the essence of ethically made products. We respect the skills of weavers and artisans that produce quality Indian kilim rugs. That’s why we bring you original and unique kilim rugs only. We have high quality reversible kilim rugs for sale. Our kilim rugs from India come in different sizes. That means you can buy small Indian kilim rugs, medium Indian kilim rugs, large Indian kilim rugs, runner kilim rugs, over size Indian kilim rugs, or odd size Indian kilim rugs from Rugman.

Patterns and styles of Indian kilim rugs

Rugman brings you Indian kilim rugs with different patterns and styles. Among the patterns of the Indian kilim rugs that you can buy from Rugman include abstract, antique look, animal patterns, floral patterns, classic patterns, contemporary, and traditional patterns. These rugs are available in different colors including beige, black, white, blue, green, brown, gray, purple, yellow, and red among others. We also have multicolor Indian kilim rugs of different sizes.

The availability of our kilim rugs from India in different colors, designs, and patterns makes them practical flooring options for different living spaces. These rugs are available in different shapes including rectangle, oval, square, round, and runners among others. This makes them suitable for placing on different living spaces or rooms.

Each of our kilim rugs from India reflects the experience or style of a popular artisan in India. That’s why our Indian kilim rugs are so distinguishable by their styles and patterns. Basically, the asymmetrical weaving styles and patterns of Indian weavers have made these pieces popular across the globe.

Quality of kilim rugs from India

Rugman focuses on bringing you superior products only. That’s why we sell kilim rugs whose quality has been tested only. We have a very rigorous process of sourcing our kilim rugs to ensure that only the best products find their way into our stock. Each of our kilim rugs from India is eco-friendly and handmade. That means buying your Indian kilim rugs from Rugman will enable you to ensure safety of your family or employees and play a role in environmental conservation.

At Rugman, we sell practical and serviceable kilim rugs only. That means once you purchase your kilim rug from us, you will have the advantage of placing a completely reversible rug that is made of natural wool or yarn. Wool is a quality and beautiful material. Its high lanolin levels make it very practical.

Our kilim carpets from India are hand woven using carefully dyed wool in both the weft and the warp. They come with patterns that are identifiable by the regions where they come from. And, though the techniques of making these rugs are passed down the generations, these pieces reflect the unique experiences and styles of the artisans that make them.

Why choose our Indian kilim rugs

We are experts in the provision of quality kilim rugs. Our collection of kilim rugs is a spectacular amalgamation of modern and traditional textures that have been crafted with premium grade threads only. The entire process of producing our kilim rugs from India is handled by highly talented and experienced designers and artisans. That’s why Rugman is the place to find unique, quality kilim rugs from India. These rugs depict unique works of ethnic artisans. And, each of our rugs is a clear definition of soft texture, elegant design, and eye catching color.

Our vast collection of Indian kilim rugs enables you to get a piece that suits your living space. These rugs are acknowledged by our prestigious customers because of their unique designs, excellent stitching, optimum colorfastness and softness, as well as shrink resistance. You can buy Indian kilim rugs in different sizes, patterns, designs, styles, and colors from Rugman any time.

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Our kilim rugs from India are instantly recognizable due to their unique flat weave hand knotting style. Our customers have always adored the rustic and awesome looks of our kilim rugs. Browse through our collection of quality Indian kilim rugs now to find and buy rugs that suit the unique needs of your living space.