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Afghan Kilim Rugs


Afghan Kilim rugs are quality rugs that are woven by indigenous weavers in the Afghanistan tribes where the western civilization is inaccessible. The inaccessibility of this civilization preserves the rich heritage of this tribal art form. Rugman brings you the best Afghan kilim rugs that are known for their vibrant, rich colors and intricate designs.

We know how valuable kilim carpets from Afghanistan are to some people. These rugs are made using natural materials only. Their colors come from natural dyes. Therefore, our Afghan kilims are anti-allergic. Due to the superior quality of the materials that our Afghan kilim carpets are made of, they last for generations. And, they always become the most valuable possessions due to their posterity.


Salient features of our Afghan kilim rugs

Our Afghan kilims are basically flat tapestry woven rugs that are entirely hand-woven. These rugs are made by the most experienced weavers in places where the tradition of weaving artistic pieces has been a crucial tradition for years. That means the art of making kilim rugs has been passed down the generations. Thus, the art of making Afghan kilim rugs is a living tradition. Most importantly, the tradition has led to the artistic, antiquity perception.

Among the distinctive attributes of our Afghan kilim rugs is their unique color and designs combination. These are never replication. That means every afghan kilim rug is completely unique in terms of pattern and design. Each Afghan kilim carpet that you buy from Rugman is like a sculpture or painting that has some special similarities with the others like the basic layout. However, each piece has something that makes it completely unique.

The woven designs of our Afghan kilim rugs are geometric patterns that are simple with predominance of sharp angles and straight lines. This makes our Afghan kilim rugs intricate and carefully imbibed with unique aesthetic qualities. These rugs are ideal for use as wall hangings because they depict a painting. And, like paintings, our Afghan kilims reduce curves into simple, nice-looking geometrical patterns. They also match the modern households’ architecture very well.


The main thing that differentiates our Afghan kilim rugs from the ordinary carpets is the design. While the design of ordinary carpets is made of individual short strands with different colors that are knotted into warps and kept together by tightly pressed wefts, our kilim rugs have designs of interweaved colored warps and wefts. This creates what is called flat weave.


Vegetable dyed rugs

Afghan kilim carpets are hand-woven, beautiful, and durable rugs that are popular for their boldly geometric designs and sharp patterns. They have smooth weaves that sometimes make them beautiful decorations. These particular kilim rugs are made using naturally dyed materials. Quality dye from vegetables is used to add the amazing color of these rugs. The resulting pieces are rugs that work excellently as wall-hangings. To many people, our Afghan kilims are priceless pieces due to their aesthetic similarity with tapestries and lightness.


Styles and patterns of Afghan kilim rugs

At Rugman, we bring you a collection of unique Afghan kilim carpets that are made to provide a twist of traditional kilim style with contemporary patterns and colors. The awesome authentic feel of these rugs makes them work very well with modern fabrics and furnishings. Additionally, these rugs can be used on both sides since they are fully reversible.

Our Afghan kilims use bold geometric designs that follow the Caucasian patterns. This gives them beautiful, cheerful, and fun styles that uplift the looks of living spaces in a fantastic way. Whether you are looking for modern Afghan kilims, pictorial Afghan kilims, traditional Afghan kilims, transitional Afghan kilim rugs or tribal Afghan kilim rugs, we have the best pieces for you. Our Afghan kilim carpets can be placed in different areas. They can be draped, laid on the floor, or hung on the wall.

We also bring you Afghan kilim rugs in different sizes and shapes. Our collection includes small Afghan kilims, medium Afghan kilim rugs, large Afghan kilims, extra-large Afghan kilims, and oversize Afghan kilim rugs.

All these Afghan kilim carpets come in different shapes including square, rectangle, round, and oval. We also have runners in our collection.

Additionally, we bring you Afghan kilims in different colors including: Blue, Green, Brown, Gray, Black, & Multi-color.


Our Afghan kilim carpets are hand knotted using quality wool as their primary material. Majority of our kilims are made from wool only. That means wool is used for both wefts and warps. However, wool and cotton can be used together where wool forms the primary weft while cotton makes the warps.

Wool is popular as a material for making Afghan kilim carpets because of its unique inherent qualities. It is basically durable, supple, and easy to weave or spun. It also takes dye with ease and it is readily available in Afghan kilim rugs making regions.

There are specific sheep breeds like merino that produce fleece that is highly sought-after. That’s because of its fiber length and special luster. The domestic fat-tail sheep is also a preferred breed due to its favorable grazing and climatic conditions yet it produces excellent fleece for making kilims.

In most cases, cotton is used to produce warps. That’s because of its plentiful supply and strength. Additionally, cotton maintains its shape while the rugs are being used. It also retains the natural whiteness after many years and it spun into thin, fine strands. Cotton is mostly inter-woven in place to bring out certain aspects within the entire design that is mostly executed with wool.


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When you buy an Afghan kilim rug from Rugman, you purchase an item that will change the overall character of your living space completely. Whether you need the rug to create a central focus point, bring in a ‘wow factor’ or bring your space together, we have an Afghan kilim rug that will serve that particular purpose. Simply browse through our vastest collection of quality Afghan kilim rugs now and place an order for the right rugs for your living space.