All Jaipur Living Area Rugs for Sale

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Jaipur Living rugs are classic and enduring. These rugs are made by experienced weavers using ancient Indian weaving techniques. The materials that are used to make them are the finest. Not only do these rugs provide an exquisite collection, but they are also unique since they are made by more than 40,000 weavers. Each of these weavers is talented in their own way. This enables Jaipur Living rugs to provide a vast collection of unique designs and styles. With Jaipur Living rugs from Rugman, you get amazing designs that depict the true passion for the best art makes.

Here are some of the Jaipur Living Rugs that you can get from Rugman:  

Jaipur Living Agua Rugs

For incredible softness and eye-popping beauty, nothing surpasses the Jaipur Living Agua rugs. Agua rugs provide a wondering floor covering. These rugs are made of pure wool and woven in India. They come with a flat-weave surface. At Rugman, we have Agua rugs that provide a perfect addition to any living space while complementing the decorative style. Our Jaipur Living Agua rugs are available in vibrant, bright colors, and they easily blend together with other fixtures. Made using the tie dye technique, these rugs create an awesome appeal where they are placed. Jaipur Living Agua rugs are durable and easy to take care of.

Jaipur Living Anatolia Rugs

Our collection of Jaipur Living Anatolia rugs at Rugman comprises of unique pieces with bright colors and bold graphics. This collection is inspired by the traditional motifs that are found in the ancient carpets from Persia and Turkey. However, the designs of these rugs are contemporary and simply amazing. The vibrant and vivid colors add the much needed pizzazz to these gorgeous rugs. Our collection of Jaipur Living Anatolia rugs has a reversible flat-weave that is manually produced in India using pure wool. Rugman has Jaipur Living Anatolia rugs that are versatile and durable. These rugs can be used for decades without losing their beauty as long as they are properly taken care of.

Jaipur Living Andes Rugs

An eco-friendliness spirit and casual appeal of our collection of Jaipur Living Andes Rugs make them a preference for many people. These rugs are made of all-natural jute and cotton fibers that make them soft and durable. Andes rugs come with neutral tones and they are very soothing to the human eyes. However, we have Jaipur Living Andes rugs that occasionally highlight visual depth and brighter hues. Placing any of our Jaipur Living Andes rugs in a busy or casual room guarantees you years of stunning beauty.

Jaipur Living Angel Rugs

The classy colors and lush of Jaipur Living Angel rugs are enhanced by skilful combination of strands of different lengths. To make these rugs, weavers blend strands of three-inch and two-inch shags to create a multi-dimension surface with elegance and depth. The texturing of this surface produces a look of multiple hues and colors within solid, lush colors. When viewed, the shades of Jaipur Living Angel rugs change with the angle and light. These rugs are durable and soft and they add sophistication to areas where they are placed.

Jaipur Living Ann Rugs

These rugs are characterized by the minimalist design and bright colors that create a modern collection of quality area rugs. Each Jaipur Living Ann rug that you get from Rugman is hand loomed using cotton. We have a collection of reversible and long lasting Jaipur Living Ann rugs for sale. These rugs are bound to provide the expected results due to their vast decoration options.

Jaipur Living Astoria rugs

These rugs are hand woven and made of 100% wool. They are multi-colored with flat weaves. Our collection of Jaipur Living Astoria rugs comprises of quality rugs that have been made using the latest construction technique. Their construction provides a softer feel while their inviting design makes them perfect for complementing other fixtures in a living space.

Jaipur Living Atlas rugs

Our collection of Jaipur Living Atlas rugs features quality pieces with tribal looks and bright, fun colors. These rugs bring a distinctive, modern flair into the living space. Their vibrant and bold colors highlight tribal designs and these are found in every piece. Any Jaipur Living Atlantis rug that you buy from Rugman will be an awesome addition to your living room.

Jaipur Living Barcelona Rugs

Our Jaipur Living Barcelona rugs are perfect for bringing in a modern culture in your living space. Their designs are inspired by Barcelona rugs. Thus, the rugs take a tradition element and combine it with the modern appeal. They have simple but stylish designs that make them suitable for brightening up living spaces. Jaipur Living Barcelona rugs are beautiful centerpieces for both outdoor and indoor spaces due to their elaborate motifs. Rugman has a vast collection of Jaipur Living Barcelona rugs that are hand-woven to last longer without losing aesthetic appeal.  

Jaipur Living Bloom Rugs

Jaipur Living Bloom Rugs feature everything from traditional motifs to floral patterns. They are carefully constructed and this makes them ideal for outdoor and indoor spaces. These rugs deliver a decorating choice with low maintenance and they don’t skimp on the style. The looped pile of Bloom area rugs gives them the much desired soft touch.

Jaipur Living Blossom Rugs

Our collection of Jaipur Living Blossom rugs comprises of modern pieces that are designed to illuminate any décor. These rugs come with multi-color, floral patterns and they are all hand woven. Buy a Jaipur Living blossom rug from Rugman to brighten your living space.

Jaipur Living Baroque Rugs

Rugman has a collection of Jaipur Living Baroque rugs that re-interpret the bygone elegant era. The rugs depict original ideas that are incorporated into the latest fashions in a transitional collection of highly stylish rugs. These rugs come with deep tones that are picked accordingly for fashions and interior designs. Quality and comfort are enhanced in these rugs because half-inch of their pile is individually hand woven in India using a combination of delightfully soft wool and silk.

Basically, these are just some of the Jaipur Living Rugs that you can buy online from Rugman. Browse our vast collection to chose your preferred Jaipur Living rugs or get in touch with us any time for help in finding your preferred rugs.