Loom to Room Collection

One-of-a-kind Genuine Oriental Rugs ✈ Shipping Directly from the Loom to your Room

Rugman offers the most competitive rug prices by removing the traditional markups that exist within the rug industry. In order to offer the lowest rug prices, Rugman has built a network of artisans and weavers with exceptional rug craftsmanship. This allows us to directly ship from the Loom to your Room while omitting the traditional supply chain costs such as warehousing and over head costs incurred in North America. Through our direct partnership with weavers in Pakistan and India, we skip the traditional markups that can result in 8x the actual cost of your rug. Rugman maintains the same high standards of quality and design in our Loom to Room rugs, preserving the actual value of the rug while slashing the price.