Lahore Collection

Rugs that will last for you!

Lahore Collection is one of the most valuable sets of Oriental rugs collection at Crafted  by Pakistani and Afghan artisans, all area rugs in this collection will be sent  directly from the loom  to your room. 


Carpets have been made from the 16th century, in Lahore. The history of making hand-knotted rugs in Lahore goes back to the area where weaving rugs were for the first time introduced to Pakistan and India during the reign of   Famous Akbar shah. Lahore is now one of the largest centers of Pakistan's carpets Industry. Like any other city in the rug weaving industry, Lahore produces a variety of qualities of hand-knotted rugs.

Normal densities vary between 100-390 knots per square inch (16-60 square cm) although some of up to 650 per square inch (100 per square cm) can be found. Sizes vary from rugs and runners to carpets 9'10" x 13' (300 x 400 cm) and larger ones may be specially ordered rugs. The range of designs is extensive including the Bokhara, Turkish Prayer Niche patterns, and Persian Kerman, Saroogh (saruk), Tabriz, and Isfahan designs.

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