Mehraban or Mehravan Rugs

Mehraban rugs originate from Mehraban (also known as Mehravan or Mehrevan), located in northwestern Iran, in the province of Azerbaijan. Although Mehraban is well known for beautiful weaving, Mehraban rugs are not necessarily woven in the village of Mehraban, which is however an important production center of Persian carpet weaving. Due to its unique situation between Sarouk and Hamadan, Mehraban rugs are a lovely combination of weaving in both regions. Nomadic tribes in the region live life very much in the same manner as they have for thousands of years. They practice the time honored tradition of Persian carpet weaving as it was passed down through the generations. Nothing has changed. Mehraban rugs are still created with the Hamadan weave using the Turkish symmetrical knot.

Hamadan has contributed the single weft weave to Mehraban rugs while Sarouk has greatly influenced the style highlighted by traditional floral motifs. The designs on Mehraban rugs tend to be simple geometric designs with floral patterns. They may be woven with and without medallions. The background colors on Mehraban rugs are traditionally ivory, red, brown, or blue while the motifs are in warm, wonderful earth tones created from natural vegetable dyes.

The foundation on Mehraban rugs is cotton, while the pile is typically wool of medium height. Available in a full range of sizes, they are most commonly found mid-sized due to the crude homemade looms. Synonymous with strength and durability, Mehraban rugs are a perfect choice for high traffic areas and in homes with small children and pets. Nomadic tribes create these magnificent tribal weavings to last hundreds of years and even longer than that. They originally were used as blankets, seating, entrances to their tents, and for floor coverings and warmth. Their traditional tribal designs and rich earthy palettes will create a warm and inviting ambience in your home while providing centuries of function.