Golpayegan Persian Area Rugs

Golpayegan literally means “fortress of flowers” and is a small regional market center located in Isfahan province. In addition to being in a major agricultural region, Golpayegan is known for producing some of the world’s most beautiful area rugs. Due in large part to its proximity to Viss, they tend to produce similar types of area rugs. However, in comparison to others produced in the surrounding area, Golpayegan rugs are of a much finer quality. They certainly differentiate themselves with more intense colors and contrasts in addition to very attractive geometric shapes. Golpayegan rugs are woven using the asymmetrical knot with an average KPSI (knots per square inch) of 82.

Golpayegan rugs are very attractive, frequently featuring curvilinear patterns with large floral designs that are integrated into garden scenes. The colors are bold, bright, and exciting, predominantly in shades of red, navy blue, baby blue, olive green, beige, and ivory. The wool and cotton in Golpayegan rugs are dyed with a vegetable extract, giving the colors a very rich appearece.

Constractions of Golpayegan Rugs 

Typically the foundations of Golpayegan rugs are cotton while the pile is wool. The wool that is used is of a particularly fine quality, giving these area rugs a very lush and luxurious texture. These magnificent area rugs are as strong and durable as they are beautiful, making them ideal for high traffic areas like family rooms and dens. Although Golpayegan rugs are available in a variety of sizes, the majority of them are mid-size to large. They would make a bold statement in an entrance hall or they can add warmth to a large, formal dining room. Destined to becoming heirlooms, they will be enjoyed for generations to come. Although their vibrant colors lend themselves well to modern and contemporary décor, their elegance is equally at home among antiques.