Daghestan Caucasian Area Rugs

Tribal Caucasian Antique Daghestan Rugs

The Caucasian Daghestan antique rugs and carpets were produced in the Eastern part of the Caucasus. This is why they were closely related to Shirvan and Kuba rugs, which were woven and originated in the same general region. The antique Daghestan (Dagestan) carpets and rugs tend to have small-scale allover designs utilizing multiple repetitions in fine detail that is appropriate to their generally small size. This format was easily adapted by Daghestan rug weavers to prayer rugs by adding a simplified niche or mihrab at the top of the design.

History Of Daghestan Rugs

Daghestan is well known for producing ivory-ground rugs. These quality rugs from the Caucasian region for perfect for prayer, decoration and more. Indeed, the Daghestan prayer rug integrates traditional Daghestan elements as well as innovative motifs valued by connoisseurs of antique Caucasian rugs.

Construction of Daghestan Rugs

Genuine Daghestans are made, warp, weft and pile, of the best wool, and are tied with the Ghiordes knot. They have usually from sixty-four to one hundred and forty-four knots to the square inch. The warp is most often of gray wool; the ends are finished in a narrow woven selvage, outside of which the warp is thrown into a knotted fringe. The sides have a fine selvage, usually colored and made of extra threads.

Color of Daghestan Rugs

The colors that is seen in antique Daghestan rugs are mostly rich and varied, with emphasis on blues, reds, yellows, and greens.