Homespice Rugs Collections

Founded in 1998 by Junior Gupta, Homespice  is a family-owned U.S. company originally manufactured and wholesaled primarily handcrafted quilts in country motifs from our factories in India with a small selection of matching braided rugs. In 2004, they re-focused by dropping the quilt line and expanding thier handcrafted braided rug and accessories under the Homespice Decor product line. In 2006, they introduced our Out-Durable Stain Proof rug line (now known as Ultra-Durable Rugs) and in 2008, they created Homespice Green World Braided Jute Rugs and accessories line.

Homespice Decor is a brand loves classic American rugs and accessories, and respects the traditions of high quality handcrafted work. From the original designs all the way through the production process this love for design and craft is Homespice's first priority. Homespice produces rugs with amazing patterns and detail. presents all Homespice Rugs Collections at unbeatable price. Browsing the beautiful Homespice collections below, you can find out your taste and enjoy an informed shopping. You can Also see all Homespice Rugs together in this page.