Carpet Age

While the majority of our rug inventory features new (never been used) rugs, we also offer a few select rugs that have been previously loved. We categorize our selection according to the following: New: Never used. Aged: Previously loved. Old: Previously loved for 50 years. Semi-antique: Over 70 years old. Artistically unique and previously loved. Antique: Over a century old. Artistically unique and previously loved.

What do you mean by the age of rug? Is the rug been used before this?

The age attribute specifies how old a rug is. We cannot tell you if the rug has been used before or not since there has not been a log for these rugs. Sometimes the rugs will stay in the Bazaar of Tehran moving from one merchant to another. However, guarantees that the rugs are inspected by our trained inspectors and are professionally cleaned prior to exporting to USA. Please note that aged rugs are more expensive and Persian rugs are made very durable so they can last for generations.

How do I determine the age of a rug?

The approximate age of each rug should be stated in the rug's description. Generally, rugs are placed into categories including new, semi-antique and antique. The older pieces are usually higher in retail value. Some antique pieces are on display in museums around the world with a price tag of over a million dollars, and some are priceless.