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7 Tips For Buying Area Rugs This Black Friday

How to Avoid Being Ripped off When Buying Rugs on Black Friday

To many shoppers, the day that follows the Thanksgiving Day is worth waking up early and spending hours shopping. That’s because this day offers some of the best deals. In fact, this is the day when many shoppers get a deal of the year. Many stores offer amazing deals on household items like carpets. Sadly, it’s also possible to be ripped off when buying rugs on Black Friday. That’s why, Rugman gives you some shopping  tactics that will enable you to avoid Black Friday rip offs when buying rugs.

  1. Avoid rugs with familiar prices

Many rug stores get a significant percentage of their annual revenues in November and December. Therefore, they try everything possible to make customers believe that they are getting a great deal during days like Black Friday. In fact, some stores advertise the same rug for the same price several times in their ads. Therefore, if you notice a familiar sale price, don’t buy the rug. Instead, conduct some research first.

At Rugman, we have unique Black Friday rug deals for our customers. That’s because we want to give you a truly unique experience this special day. For instance, it’s only with our Black Friday sale that you get 40% off on original rugs. This is really a big discount that no customer wants to miss.

  1. Track the rug price

If you want to buy a specific rug, follow its price carefully. That’s particularly important if you want to buy an expensive or a luxurious rug. With our store, it’s easy to conduct an online research of the rug that you want to buy. Even better, you will find information about the prices of different models and brands of the rug that we sell online.

For instance, you can find details of the prices of hand knotted rugs, hand tufted rugs, and machine made rugs that you want to buy at Rugman.com. You also find price details of rugs from different countries that Rugman sells. These include Persian rugs, Egypt rugs, Afghan rugs, Nepal rugs, Russian Rugs, Turkish rugs, Romania rugs, and Indonesia rugs among others. Tracking the prices of the available rugs for sale online gives you a reason to take advantage of Black Friday rug deals.

  1. Check quality

One of the dirty secretes of the modern retail industry is the fact that there are merchandise that are made cheaply and specifically for outlets. These are hugely sold on offer during the holiday seasons. Despite being made of low-quality materials, majority of them look like the normal products of a brand. Therefore, check the quality of the carpets that you purchase to avoid being ripped off when buying rugs on Black Friday. Be keen to determine their value.

Perhaps, the best way to ensure that you don’t buy poor quality area rugs is to shop at a reputable store. A store like Rugman has an elaborate process of sourcing for rugs from manufacturers. Basically, we can track each of the rugs that we sell from its manufacturer. That means you are guaranteed the best deal on quality and original rugs when you take advantage of our Black Friday sale. In fact, you won’t find a better deal on original rugs anywhere else.

  1. Question MSRP

Perhaps, you might wonder how you can determine whether a rug store has a genuine big sale that will save you money. Generally, every savvy shopper is skeptical of the MSP number or simply the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Even though the name makes you think that the manufacturer sets this number, it’s actually the retailers who set it. That’s why it varies among retail stores. And, there is very minimal ways of preventing stores from inflating this number in their effort to make their deals look great. Therefore, to ensure that you are not carried away by rugs with prices that are marked down by half, take time to compare prices.

At Rugman, we offer real discounts during our Black Friday sale. We consider the cost of acquisition for the rugs to ensure that the deal benefits our customers. We do not inflate the MSRP number just to make our deal look great. That’s particularly true because we sell genuine rugs only. We have established a network with reputable rug makers from different parts of the world. This network enables us to get wholesale rugs at discounted prices and pass this discount to our customers.

  1. Check other months

Black Friday may get all the glory for amazing rug sales. However, it might not be the only time when stores offer the best rug deals. It’s therefore important to check other months to find out whether it’s really wise to buy the rugs that you are after on Black Friday. For instance, you may notice that the rug that you want to buy was selling at a lower price last Christmas or Valentine’s Day than this Black Friday.

At Rugman.com, you can easily compare the prices of different rugs. We also provide information on our Black Friday rug deals through email campaigns. That means you can easily compare prices of the rugs that you want to purchase and determine whether it’s wise to buy them this Black Friday on November 24, 2017.

  1. Determine how long you should wait

Many retailers roll out their Black Friday sales earlier. Therefore, start checking websites of stores like Rugman or their Black Friday ads to know whether the store will have the best Black Friday sale. However, be realistic. For instance, if waiting for Black Friday to buy your favorite rug will save you only a dollar, buying it now might be better than being worried and even risking to miss out.

Also, if you plan to purchase a oriental hand knotted rug, we can’t guarantee we will find you a similar rug if the one you want is sold. Most of our hand knotted rugs are unique, the exception being new modern rugs and brand rugs which are made in large quantities. Otherwise, Persian rugs, Afghanistan rugs, Indian rugs and other oriental rugs are for the most part unique.  So play it safe, know your rug and decide if you should take the risk and wait it out. Ragman’s advise is for all oriental rugs buy it first and you can always return it.  

  1. Prepare in advance

Monitoring and waiting for the price of an item to drop can be very frustrating especially if the trend is not guaranteed. Therefore, be ready to wait and prepare to buy your rug when the price seems best. Use online tools to track the price of the rug that you want to buy to avoid missing the best deal.

At Rugman, we guarantee you the best and the biggest Black Friday sale. With Rugman, this is the best day to buy your favorite rug online. Simply browse through our vast rugs collection, pick the carpets that you want to buy and put them in your wish list or shopping cart and buy them during our Black Friday sale on November 24, 2017.

We will deliver the area rugs that you buy on Black Friday to your doorstep free of charge within the United States and Canada.

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