Jaipur Living Rugs is one of the fastest growing rug brands in the world today. The growth of this company can be attributed to its commitment to connect, inspire and empower people via beautiful designs that come with a beautiful meaning. That meaning is cultivated in a business model that allows rug weavers to become entrepreneurs and business owners. The company focuses on crafting lifestyle-driven and fashionable products that embolden the industry towards exceptional social responsibility. At Rugman, we bring you gorgeous, hand-knotted rugs from Jaipur Living Rugs.

Background on Jaipur Living Hand Knotted Rugs available at Rugman

Our Jaipur Living hand-knotted rugs are currently renowned globally. Rugman brings you rugs that have given this company a global presence and made it a major market player. Today, the name Jaipur Living Rugs is associated with superior, handmade rugs that are ideal for creating the desired feel and look in traditional and contemporary settings. Jaipur Living Rugs is basically a name that other players in the rug manufacturing industry have to reckon with. That’s because people across the world know the brand for high quality, pure Indian rugs. We have a vast collection of these rugs for you to choose from.

Exquisite collections

Over the years, Jaipur Living Rugs has emerged as a company that provides exquisite collections of beautiful, quality, handcrafted rugs that are made by master weavers in India. And, you will find all the rugs from this brand at Rugman.com. The credit for beautiful work from this company should undoubtedly go to its hardworking weavers. These are responsible for producing the designs and styles of Jaipur Living rugs.

The company gives weavers the freedom to express and practice their skills. Majority of Jaipur Living Rugs weavers inherit craftsmanship skills from their parents. That’s because the weaving tradition and techniques are passed down the generations. However, every Jaipur Living Rugs weaver is an expert in their unique ways. The creative images of animate objects, flowers, legends, excerpts from stories, and motifs that are intricately woven on the surfaces of Jaipur Living rugs are works of these weavers. These bring uniquely designed, quality home furnishing products that showcase the stronghold of the weavers on complex art while bringing forth exquisite collections of quality rugs. Buy your area rugs from Rugman to find the right rugs for your living spaces from this company.

Guidelines for buying Jaipur Living Rugs

Quality, uniqueness, and colorfulness of the Jaipur Living rugs that you find at Rugman.com have earned this brand a special place in the hearts of many people. These attributes have also earned these rugs a huge demand across the world. But, to purchase the right Jaipur rugs for your living space, you need tips to guide you.

Here are guidelines to help you buy the right Jaipur rugs for your livings paces:

Take measurements of the area that you want the rug to cover

Rugman has Jaipur Living rugs of varying sizes. You can also have a custom-made Jaipur Living rug though that will take time to make. Rugman has a vast collection of in-stock Jaipur living rugs for you to choose from. Therefore, to buy the right rug for your living space, measure its dimensions carefully and figure out the approximate space that the rug should cover. Also, consider possible constraints like door openings. For instance, if you need a Jaipur Living rug that covers the room’s floor, choose a rug that is two feet shorter than the room’s floor. Ideally, choose a rug that will leave an equal amount of the floor showing on all sides.

Consider the fiber of the rug

Rugs from this brand can be made of silk or wool. The used fiber affects the final feel and looks of the rug. Silk rugs are the softest and their finish is elegant. Wool rugs, on the other hand, are durable and strong. They are also resistant to dirt, stains, and water. Thus, they have easy maintenance. Therefore, consider factors like maintenance, the look, and the feel that you want the rug to bring into your living space. Make sure that you choose a rug that you will be comfortable with because hand knotted Jaipur Living rugs can last for decades. Ideally, choose a rug that you will be proud and happy to have in your living space for years.

Decide on design and style

Rugs from this company are available in traditional and contemporary designs and styles. Ideally, design and style are at the core of the operations of this company. The skillful weavers from this company use traditional designs to reveal the tradition and culture of Jaipur. At Rugman, we have an exclusive collection of Jaipur rugs with remarkable traditional patterns and designs. These are special pieces for you if you want to give your living space a unique traditional feel. We also have modern Jaipur Living rugs that come in different patterns and shades. These will give your contemporary living space the much-needed allure and elegance. Both traditional and modern rugs in our collection are available in different sizes, designs, and fabrics.

Whether you need rugs that will create a classic feel in your living space or give it a modern finishing touch, we have the best pieces for you. The floral and folkloric art, tropical landscapes, and retro pleasures’ memories that are depicted by the designs of our Jaipur Living rugs inspire a comforting sense in living spaces. Their earthly textures keep spaces exciting while their plant-based fibers make them highly versatile. Basically, Rugman has rugs from this company with designs and styles that suit different settings and décor schemes.

Final word

The vast collection of Jaipur Living Rugs from Rugman means you can find a rug for any living space. All rugs from this company are of the highest quality and they come in different colors. Whether you need a flat weave rug or a plush shag rug, you will get it with this brand. Basically, Jaipur Living Rugs weavers know how to keep up with trends and this can overwhelm you. Perhaps, that’s why rugs from this company are highly regarded globally. Jaipur Living rugs can handle heavy traffic and you can vacuum and wash them severally. The vegetable dye and hand-spun wool give these rugs their superiority and a decorative look. But, before you place an order for your Jaipur Living rugs, know the exact role or purpose of the rugs that you want to purchase. Nevertheless, Rugman brings you the exquisite collections of authentic rugs from this brand

Browse our collection of Jaipur Living Rugs now then place an order for your rugs with us to get the best deal on quality rugs!