At Rugman, we know that after investing a reasonable amount of money on gorgeous Jaipur Living rugs, the last thing you want is a dirty, damaged or run-down rug in your living space. That’s why we share tips on how to take care of your rugs. With proper maintenance and care, rugs from Jaipur Living will last for many years and provide ultimate beauty to a living space. They can also provide enjoyment to your family or office occupants and visitors. However, without proper care, these rugs lose their natural sheen and their beauty fades eventually.

Preventative care and maintenance

A new Jaipur Living rug from Rugman is a mark of a substantial investment. And, it’s your desire to keep the rug attractive for many years to come.

Some of the best preventative care and maintenance practices that you should observe include:

  • Using walk-off mats: Walk-off mats should be placed at all entrances to absorb moisture and soil. These mats trap excessive sand, grit, dirt and other substances like asphalt, driveway sealer and oils that may find their way into the living space. However, you should clean your mats regularly to ensure that they do not become a source of dirt and soil.
  • Moving heavy furniture occasionally: To prevent excessive crushing of the pile, you should move your heavy furniture periodically. You can also use protectors that are designed for rugs beneath the legs of your chairs, tables and other furniture pieces to ensure even distribution of their weight. Avoid appliances and chairs with casters or rollers without chair pads that are specifically designed for the rugs because they might cause damage. While moving wheeled furniture, place protective, heavy plywood or cardboard between their wheels and the rugs.
  • Using quality pads: Placing quality pads under Jaipur rugs will not only provide comfort underfoot and better resilience. It will also extend their life.
  • Cleaning the rugs: Make sure that your Jaipur rugs are cleaned professionally and periodically. Do not attempt to deep clean the rugs yourself because you might damage them. Additionally, make sure that your rugs are completely dry before you place them in your living space.
  • Reduce sunlight exposure: Prolonged sunlight exposure of Jaipur rugs to sunlight will cause fading. Therefore, minimize direct exposure of the rugs to sunlight with shades, awnings, and blinds.


Vacuuming your Jaipur Living rugs is perhaps, one of the most important ways to take care of your rugs. Ideally, you should vacuum your rugs frequently and thoroughly especially the high traffic area rugs. That’s because when you let people walk on soiled rugs, soil particles move deep down the surface of their pile. Once they settle there, removing them becomes difficult. Thus, the soil particles continue to damage your gorgeous rugs.

Therefore, to remove soil particles from your rugs, make sure that they are vacuumed before the particles are trapped underneath the pile. For light traffic area rugs, traffic lanes should be vacuumed at least twice a week and the whole area once a week. For heavy traffic area rugs, vacuum traffic lanes of the rugs daily and the whole area twice a week. Three passes of a vacuum machine will do for light soiling. However, heavy soiled parts of the rug may need up to seven passes. To reduce matting and to keep the piles standing upward, ensure occasional changes of the vacuuming direction.

Cleaning system for Jaipur Living rugs

The cleaning system that you choose for your Jaipur Living rugs is very important. That’s because some cleaning systems leave residues in the rugs and these accelerates re-soiling. As such, they defeat the essence of the rug cleaning purpose. Therefore, choose the cleaning system for your rugs carefully.

According to Jaipur Living, the Hot Water Extraction System is the most ideal system for cleaning their rugs. Also known as steam cleaning, this system provides better cleaning capability. It entails spraying a detergent and water solution on the rug pile. Water and soil are then recovered from the rug using a powerful vacuum and deposited into the holding tank. The cleaning process can be done using a truck-mounted machine or outside the living space with a wand and a hose brought inside the house. A portable system can also be used to clean the rug inside a home.

Let professionals clean your Jaipur Living rugs

Although it will remove soil particles, vacuuming alone will not provide ultimate protection to your Jaipur rugs. That’s why you should have your rugs cleaned once in a while to remove the stickiness and oiliness that vacuuming cannot remove. Oiliness and stickiness is caused by air pollution, tracked-in dirt, and cooking vapors. Soil particles and oils get stuck in rug fibers and if not removed, they gradually cause significant dulling of the rug colors. Thus, though your rugs may not lose their colors, they will be hidden in the resulting film or oil and dirt layer. This will eventually make your gorgeous rugs unsightly and a haven for harmful bacteria.

That’s why experts recommend that you clean your rugs at least every year. Nevertheless, you should avoid deep cleaning your rugs because this can damage them. Ideally, you should call professional carpet cleaners to do the job whenever your Jaipur rugs need full cleaning. That’s because professional cleaners have equipment with more water extraction power. Even your rental unit may not extract all water from your rugs. However, professional grade equipment will extract water completely and leave your carpet completely dry. Additionally, professional cleaners know how to use the cleaning equipment better. They also know the right products or cleaning agents to use for different stains or situations of the rugs. Thus, they use the most appropriate agent to clean your rugs depending on its construction, fibers, and stains.

Order your Jaipur Living rugs online

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