How to pick the right rug size for your living room

The style and design of the living room says a lot about the owner. The area rug is a focal piece of your living room. That’s why many designers start by choosing the area rug first. Hence, picking the right carpet will showcase your personal style and aesthetic abilities.

Typically, there are two options in choosing an area rug for your living room:

  1. You can select one area rug to tent the living room. This will help anchor your room and the area rug will make a bigger statement.
  2. You can select several area rugs to cover the living room floor. By having several area rugs in your living room you can re-design your space easily and create different sections. Also, the use of smaller rugs can give the impression of a bigger room.

It is up to you on how much of your furniture should lay on the area rug, but if a piece of furniture is on a rug, we recommend that it lay completely on the carpet, rather than “half on, half off.” Keep in mind to keep at least 6” and a maximum of 2 ft away from the wall. We recommend that you measure your space so you can make best use of your area.